Vehicle & Dog Tag Information

Vehicle Tags

Lancaster County no longer sells vehicle decals. Instead, a vehicle registration fee is added to the personal property bill. The fee is $20 for each car and truck and $12 for each motorcycle.

NOTE: The Department of Motor Vehicles will not process transactions for vehicles which have unpaid personal property taxes and/or registration fees.

Dog Tags

Lancaster County dog licenses go on sale November 1st and must be purchased on or before January 31st.

  • Male dog = $8.00
  • Female dog = $8.00
  • Unsexed dog = $4.00
  • A kennel tag (for no more than 20 dogs) = $50.00

NOTE: All dogs four months or older must have a license. A valid rabies certificate is required prior to the issuance of the licenses.

To receive additional information on vehicle and/or dog tags please contact the Treasurer at 8311 Mary Ball Road, Suite 204, Lancaster, VA 22503 or call 804-462-5630.

Inquiries about animal licensing and/or animal control please contact the Animal Warden at 8311 Mary Ball Road, Lancaster, VA 22503 or call 804-462-7175.