Web Policy

Linking Policy

This is the official Lancaster County Government Web Site. Its mission is to provide information on the most essential and widely used functions of local government. This site is not intended to serve as a "local business directory" or a portal for internet advertising or other commercial internet activity.

In certain cases, it is desirable to link web sites maintained by outside organizations in order to provide information which compliments or supplements the subject matter contained within these pages.

Occassionally, the county will receive a request to create a link to an external web site. The county, in its sole discretion, will grant such requests, as long as the external site meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • The web site is maintained by or on behalf of another government or quasi-government department or agency not otherwise included within these pages
  • The web site contains material which promotes the county's cultural, recreational or historic resources

Lancaster County is not responsible for the content of external web sites to which links or provided but does reserves the right to remove links to content which is deemed inappropriate or not meeting the goals and objectives stated above.


Unless otherwise credited, all content including photography and graphic art was produced or provided by county staff and is considered to be the property of the County of Lancaster, Virginia. Said content cannot be used without written permission from the Lancaster Board of Supervisors.