Voter Registration

The Office of the General Registrar and Electoral Board of Lancaster County strives to promote the highest level of service to the citizens of the Commonwealth by providing equitable opportunities to register and vote; and by maintaining accurate records relating to voter registration, elections, election officials, and candidates. We are committed to promoting democracy and public trust in our endeavors to ensure fair and impartial elections.

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Electoral Board Members

Barbara Breeden, Chair
Robert Bennett, Vice-Chair
Irving "Lee" Pulling, Secretary

Electoral Board Minutes - July 12 , 2106 (Approved)

Electoral Board Minutes - August 2, 2016 (Approved)

Electoral Board Minutes - October 4, 2016 (Approved)

Electoral Board Minutes - November 14, 2016 (Approved)

Electoral Board Minutes - March 8, 2017 (Approved)

Electoral Board Minutes - April 4, 2017 (Draft)

Voter Registration Office Hours

8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday

Upcoming Important Dates

Contact Information

Susan P. Jett
Voter Registrar
Post Office Box 159
Lancaster, VA 22503
Phone: (804) 462-5277
Fax: (804) 462-5228


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