Recycling Program

In addition to solid waste disposal, the county-operated sites also provide for the collection of several recyclable materials. All sites accept PET and HDPE plastic, glass bottles, aluminum and tin food and beverage containers, old newspapers, mixed paper, cardboard and scrap metal.

An estimated 55% of all material collected at the refuse sites is recycled. Overall, Lancaster County's recycling rate exceeds the 25% recycling rate mandated by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.

Recycling Guidelines

Co-mingled Recyclables - Source separation is not required - all materials may be deposited into the same container. Primarily intended for plastic, glass, aluminum, and tin food and beverage containers. Items should be rinsed to remove food residue. Recyclable grades of plastic can be identified by the triangular symbol on the bottom of the container - all recyclable grades are accepted. Windows, mirrors and auto glass are not accepted.

Mixed Paper - All grades of paper are accepted. Old newspapers should be bundled with string or packed tightly inside paper grocery bags. Office, computer and other grades of paper should be packed inside plastic trash bags (since all grades of paper are to be placed in the same container, the plastic trash bags help us keep the mixed grades separated from the newspaper).

Cardboard - All grades of corrugated cardboard accepted except boxing containing wax lining. It is requested that larger boxes be folded or broken down. Paperboard boxes and brown paper grocery bags can be mixed with cardboard.

Scrap Metal - Includes appliances such as refrigerators, washers, dryers, water heaters, air conditioners and ovens. Appliance dealers are required to remove refrigerants from freezers, refrigerators and air conditioners prior to disposal.

For more information on Lancaster County's solid waste mangement and recycling program, e-mail Donald Brown or call (804) 462-5129.