GIS Data End User Agreement

The use of maps, GIS data layers and other datasets available for download from this web site is governed as follows:

1. Maps and GIS layers containing parcel data provide a general representation of lot sizes, shapes and locations relative to other lots and are not intended to replace boundary surveys or any other work performed by professional engineers or surveyors.

2. Although Lancaster County takes great care to insure the accuracy of its data, there is always the possibility for error. There is also a likelihood that the quantity, size, shape, identification, ownership and zoning status of parcels and the quantity, length and name designation of public and private streets will change over time. Any information obtained from these data sources which is to be used in the preparation of legal documents should be verified prior to inclusion in said documents.

3. Duplication, modification and redistribution of map data is allowed, but is subject to the following conditions:

  1. The County of Lancaster, Virginia and its employees and agents shall be held harmless from any claim of injury, loss or inconvenience resulting from improper use of GIS data or any error or ommission of data contained therein.
  2. The end user shall be responsible for any claim of injury, loss or inconvenience resulting from modifications made by said end user prior to redistribution of the data to a third party.

This agreement represents a license to use, modify and redistribute Lancaster County GIS data. The county retains ownership of the original source data and all rights usually associated thereto.