Polling Places/Precinct Locations - UPDATED: September 6, 2022

Voting Precincts in Lancaster County

District One
Upper Lancaster Volunteer Fire Department
5170 Mary Ball Road
Lancaster, VA

District Two
Trinity Episcopal Church
8484 Mary Ball Road
Lancaster, VA

District Three - Precinct 301
White Stone Volunteer Fire Department
579 Chesapeake Drive
White Stone, VA

District Three - Precinct 302
Kilmarnock Baptist Church/Fellowship Hall
65 East Church Street
Kilmarnock, VA

District Four
Grace Episcopal Church/Grace Hall
303 South Main Street
Kilmarnock, VA

District Five
Irvington Baptist Church
53 King Carter Drive
Irvington, VA

Central Absentee Voting Election District
Lancaster County Voter Registration Office
8311 Mary Ball Road
Lancaster, VA

Voting Precincts for Town Elections

Town elections are now conducted on the same day and utilize the same polling places as general November elections. Upon check-in at their normally-assigned general election polling places, town residents will now receive a ballot which includes town elections in addition to other applicable state, federal and other local elections for that year.