Board of Supervisors Meeting Agenda
Date: August 30, 2018
Time: 5:30 PM (Closed meeting with regular meeting to follow at 7:00 PM)
Location: Lancaster County Administration Building

Call to Order

Closed Meeting

  1. Personnel - Code of Virginia §2.2-3711.A.1
  2. Legal Matters - Code of Virginia §2.2-3711.A.8

Public Input Session (One Opportunity-Five Minute Time Limit)


  1. Economic Development in Lancaster County

Virginia Department of Transportation

Public Hearings

  1. Application for Special Exception - Melvin G. Grimes
  2. Application for Special Exception - Dominion Energy
  3. Proposed Ordinance Requiring Triennial Application for Tax Exemption of Real and Personal Property
  4. Update to the Lancaster County Capital Improvement Budget for FY 2019-2023

Consensus Docket

  1. Minutes for July 12th Capital Improvement Budget Work Session, July 20th Special Meeting, July 26th Regular Meeting and August 7th Joint Capital Improvement Work Session with the School Board.

Consideration Docket

  1. Salaries and Invoices – August 2018
  2. Resolution Supporting the Use of Increased Sales Tax Revenue for School Construction and Improvement
  3. Consideration of a Proposed Ordinance for the Creation of a Registry for Short-Term Rental of Property
  4. Consideration of a Proposed Transient Occupancy Tax Ordinance
  5. Consideration of a Proposed Precious Metals Dealers Ordinance
  6. Consideration of a Resolution Opposing Any Reduction in Vertical or Horizontal Clearances with VDOT's Proposed Norris Bridge Replacement

Board Reports

County Administrator Report

Closed Meeting (If Necessary)