E-911 Map Search

Lancaster County E-911 map books are the detailed maps used by law enforcement and emergency service personnel which show building addresses and locations and other information not shown on other county maps.

Individual map pages can now be viewed and downloaded by using the search engine below. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view these files.

Search Tips

As with any search tool, the more specific the search criteria, the more accurate the result will be. In most cases, a complete search, including both the house number and street name will return one map file. Partial searches are possible, but will yield less specific results.

If the house number is unknown, you may enter the street name only. This will result in a list of all maps where that street would appear along with the low and high address ranges. Because this application searches within address ranges, the use of a ficticious or non-existent house number will also return a map or list of maps.

Leaving both fields blank will return the entire Lancaster County street index complete with low and high address ranges.

Disclaimer: Lancaster County takes great care to insure the accuracy of its online data. However, there is always the possibility for error. Any information obtained from this web site which is to be used in the preparation of legal documents should be verified by an outside source prior to inclusion in said documents.

Errors should be reported to the Lancaster County E-911 Coordinator.

Map Search

Use standard abbreviations for street name suffix (Rd, Ln, Ave, etc.) or omit.